Lead Nurturing

Cold calling as an activity has been with us for many years. However with changes in technology and a wide range of resources available to the cold caller, in todays business world a first call to a prospect should by no means be cold.  

Prospects now expect you to have done your homework prior to making initial contact to demonstrate a mutual respect for both of your time. What they are saying is “know me, before you call me”.

For the savvy new business development consultants there has been a massive shift from ‘cold call’ to ‘know your customer and lead nurture’. Its this new approach that is proving to be hugely more effective than traditional methods delivering greatly improved ROI for marketing budgets.

At Onyx we advise, undertake or train individuals and teams in the new world of lead generation and nurturing. If you think we might be able to help you, lets have a chat. Call us today on 01344 751442 or contact us HERE.

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